Life is an Allusion

My attempt at a Creative Writing assignment about two years ago; we had to include as many allusions as possible.  I think I got a fair share in.  If you’re unsure what a specific line is referencing you can ask me in a comment, or look at the tags.

Have I ever been provanity?
I know you have been.
Maybe now’s the time to start.
It would be quite the change;

I might begin to hate myself
as I confess to love it.
Within myself, a new Red Scare
hunting for the passion; to destroy.

Would it die out, under a weathered tree?
Or be found later, thought extinct
like a coelacanth, a Lazarus taxon;
and which would be less painful?

I wonder if I’ll be stuck here,
listening to Three-Dog with you;
wondering also, if I got up and left,
burying my shell as I went,

would I fall off the edge,
only to find the world is held up by elephants
who in turn stand on a turtle?
It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door.

Instead of exploring the Wasteland
will I be like Hachiko?
Maybe today, maybe tomorrow…
But probably never.

Just keep moving, moving, moving.
Keep your blinders on
and if you’re lucky enough to fly
steer clear of the sun

But is it all luck –
sheer, dumb and blind?
No, there has to be more
than what Nyx’s daughters have planned

A way to control, a way to change;
to move the stars to a place that suits me
or, just go somewhere they look different entirely.
Maybe that’s the secret.

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