Another Valentine’s Day Poem

I didn’t know why we were there
It made no sense at all
All I wanted to do was breathe fresh air
Or find somewhere comfortable to crawl

I didn’t understand what you were saying
But I didn’t need to, your voice was enough
It wasn’t long before I heard you praying
And someone yelled that it must be a bluff

I knew by the way their eyes shone it was not
And by the red in your face you did too
By now it was hopeless, we were all caught
Battling red in your faces their machines glowed blue

I knew then that I could do nothing until they left
They took no notice of me, but too much of you
What they did was the worst sort of theft
The teeth from the machines cut right through

As the blue rose to the ceiling the red covered the floor
Little lines of yellow connected them both
Suddenly it all left, and I saw blue no more
Only red on grey, as useless now as your oath

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