Getting In Shape – Preferably That of an Hourglass

My last post was negative, to say the least.  And though I’m still very much feeling that way, with one of the situations I alluded to getting even worse, I thought I should write about something positive for this entry.

It might start sounding kind of like an advertisement, but I really do just love this site my friend showed me, Blogilates.  I have been telling everyone in my life about it.  When I go home for this weekend I’m going to make my Mom do it with me!

I said in my other post about motivation that the only thing I was really following through with was exercise.  And really, that is very much thanks to Cassey Ho, the fitness instructor.  And it’s all free.  FREE.  Actually, that’s not even the best part.  Well, it’s tied with the fact that she puts up a calendar on her site with five to six videos for each day of the week for you to follow and get your hour of exercise in.

Here’s this month’s (Sorry Cassey, I promise I won’t upload anymore after this one):


It’s exactly what I was looking for.  I’ve tried doing other ones, but I get so bored so easily.  With something like this, already planned out and different every day of the month, I can’t get bored.  Each day of the week (usually) targets a different area as well.

She also talks you through it, often talking about fairly ditsy topics of nails or shoes, but it helps get your mind off the struggle you’re going through.  She’s so peppy all the time!  It’s slightly infectious.

I won’t say I don’t get tired out, because they are tough.  They are difficult enough for me that I don’t think I’ve done a video yet where I haven’t had to do a modification at some point.  It is unbelievable how long this girl can stay in the plank position, even using it as a ‘rest’ between moves.  I’ve always struggled with a lack of upper body strength, so I’m almost always on my knees instead of my toes.  Also whenever she does leg circles and has beautifully straightened legs, I have to bend them.  Sigh.  I’ll get there someday…T_T  It feels so challenging that I know it will be a long time before I feel like any of it is easy enough to do her suggestions to make it more difficult.

But I’m already seeing (and feeling) results.  There is a definite muscle line in my arm that I have never seen before.  I can almost do a full push-up (yes, I’m that bad).  But still!  Results, and definite aching muscles every morning feels awesome.  Best pain in the world, in my opinion.  Some days though, like today, I realize I might have outdone myself and I feel like this puppy.


Still, I prefer that to the Jello-spilling-over-its-mold that I usually feel like.  At the same time, don’t push yourself too hard.  Keep doing the exercises and push yourself beyond being tired and muscle ache, yes, but not beyond the pain.  If you can’t tell the difference between a sore muscle and one in pain, then if you feel discomfort you should bring it down to a level where you don’t feel that pain.  If the pain persists, stop altogether and go on to the next move.  If you need to do modifications, do them.  The friend who showed me Blogilates actually ended up hurting her back because she didn’t listen to her body.  Especially at the beginning, like me, you won’t be able to do it all, and that’s okay.

She won an award that was handed to her by Felicia Day!  The people I fans of always end up connecting somehow.  It's strange.

She won an award that was handed to her by Felicia Day! The people I am a fan of always end up connecting somehow. It’s strange.


One of the things that I do miss now that I’m doing this workout plan though, is jogging.  I used to jog a few times a week, and now I just don’t have time.  She puts on her calendar to run a mile a few times a week (not this month though, because she’s having a challenge to do every video she’s ever done) but I have this weird problem.  Once I get dressed and get outside to go jogging, I have to be out there for at least an hour.  I can’t quit.  So, if I know I won’t or can’t be out there for longer than that, I don’t go.  Weird dilemma, but there it is.  So after doing an hour of her videos, I don’t have the energy, or often the time, to go running.  But as she often says, you need to supplement the videos with cardio 3-4 times a week if you want to burn fat.  I definitely want to burn fat, so that’s an issue.  I do walk to and from school a lot, which is a 30-40 minute walk one way.  I’m not sure it would count as cardio though.  It definitely doesn’t hurt and probably helps my leg muscles, but I don’t think my heart rate gets that far above normal.

I also miss my music too!  Cassey and I don’t really have the same tastes (though she did play Wildcat by Ratatat once and has used Gangnam Style twice).  I was going to say now that the weather’s getting warmer maybe I’ll start going outside and jogging again anyway.  Then I remembered I live in Canada’s erratic step-cousin,Wisconsin.  The current view outside my bedroom window:


It’s April 12th.  Otherwise known as THE TWELFTH OF APRIL.  Unbelievable.  Last year at the Saint Paddy’s Day parade everyone was wearing T-shirts…actually even a week or two ago people here were beginning to wear shorts.  Okay, some still do, but i won’t go into the intelligence/and or odd pride of some of the people who also inhabit this state.

Food is another issue I have.  I know it’s a major part of losing weight.  Some even say more important than exercise.  But where I’m at right now, I honestly can’t afford more than ramen, canned foods, and the occasional cabbage (surprisingly cheap!).  I wish I could afford to buy healthy foods.  I love blueberries, and I honestly would rather eat them than other snacks.  Well, except maybe chocolate.  However, looking at the price of blueberries and the amount you get, versus the price and amount of chips or other unhealthy snacks…ugh.


Take half of it out and replace with ramen, and you have my cupboard.
Photo from: http://www.guardian.co.uk

It is strange that in other countries the poorer people tend to be skinny, whereas here they tend to be overweight.  I guess it’s the difference of under and mal-nourished.  Here we’re generally still wealthy enough to get food, it’s just the quality that suffers.  If anyone has good cheap recipes though, I’d welcome them!  I managed to find one with cabbage and ramen, but it also included a CUP of mayonnaise.  O_O


What it feels like trying to eat healthy sometimes.
Photo from http://www.scientificamerican.com/

Cassey uploads a lot of recipes and advice as well, which is super nice.  I like that she has a separate account for the recipes, advice, and life updates, and a separate one for exercises.  Due to a lack of ingredients, however, for her recipes I’ve only tried the two-ingredient banana pancakes.  They were good…not quite what I was expecting, and yet at the same time, exactly what they sounded like they’d be.  I really want to try her berry muffin one!

I got sidetracked a few times, as I usually do, but honestly, if you’re thinking of getting back on the treadmill, I’d recommend Blogilates instead.  It’s much more fun, different every day, and there’s a real community aspect to it with youtube, her blog, Facebook, etc.  If all of that doesn’t convince you…how about the fact that she made a Sailor Moon workout?  Although that one is awesome, it is unusual in that she doesn’t actually do the exercises with you, just shows you how.  I wish she did.  It’s pretty entertaining to watch, regardless (also wish I had a Japanese-food-filled environment to run around in).

Found this poster for it on her website!

Found this poster for it on her website!

After starting this workout plan, Cassey has inspired me to work in little exercises wherever I am, whether it be calf raises or arm lifts, or new ones she taught me.  You should definitely try it.  Being free and extraordinarily motivating and helpful, there’s not much you can lose, other than flab!

And with that I better go do today’s exercises!  Remember: train like a beast, to look like a beauty!

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