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Costumes for Redheads

Edit: This post doesn’t really fit in with my blog, or even bring traffic elsewhere on my blog, so I will be deleting it in a month or two.

Not something I usually post about, but since I’m (currently) a redhead and am searching for makeshift costumes, I thought I’d keep a list of what I find and post it here with some pictures! I’ve found a lot of lists that have 3-5 but I haven’t found many that list more than that, or include women with short hair or men with red hair (though granted, sorry, but those sections are going to be smaller). Also, just for the sake of having a dividing line – short hair will be considered shoulder-length and above, and include up-dos since you can probably find a way to make your short hair look like it’s up, and it’s simply hard to tell how long their hair actually is. And, because this list is so long, I’m only going to do one pictures of each, or one of each of their different costumes, so it’s easier to browse. That way you can see enough to know if you want to see more, and can just copy and paste it into Google search if you want to see different angles. Let me know if you think of more!


Long hair:

  • Amy Pond from Doctor Who

amy pond

  • Ariel from The Little Mermaid. You all knew this would show up. But there are a few variations to consider.

And if you google hipster mermaid, you’ll find a few clever (and cheaper, possibly make-shift) hipster Ariels.

  • Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Codex from The Guild

  • Donna Noble from Doctor Who


  • Makise Kurisu from Stein’s Gate

  • Merida from Brave

  • Poison Ivy from Batman

  • Jean Grey from X-Men

  • Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

  • Ginny Weasley or Lily Potter from the Harry Potter series

  • Pippi Longstocking – extra points for the monkey

  • Anne of Green Gables


  • Silk Spectre from The Watchmen – another one whose hair color seems to range all over the place, but a redhead could definitely pull off.

  • Kairi from Kingdom Hearts II


  • Princess Fiona from Shrek

  • Daphne from Scooby Doo

  • Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls

  • Kim Possible

  • Wendy from the Wendy’s Restaurants – you can actually be pretty creative with this if you can get your friends to be things like the Burger King or Ronald McDonald. You could do hipster or gangster versions of them.

Wendys logo

  • Florence from Florence and the Machine (If you go the musician route, I’d suggest picking a certain music video outfit to go from, in order to be recognizable) – love her make-up in the second one!


  • Haley Williams from Paramore


  • Rose Leslie from Game of Thrones


  • Olive from Easy A


  • Adele


  • Rose from Titanic


  • Black Widow from The Avengers comics


  • Mary Jane Parker from Spiderman


  • Miss Fortune from League of Legends (remember there are other skins!)


  • Katarina from League of Legends (also more skins!..I’m sorry if you’re not a gamer and that sounds super creepy.)


Short hair:

  • Leeloo from The Fifth Element


  • Jane Jetson from The Jetsons


  • Black Widow from the movie The Avengers


  • Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show


  • Peter Pan (I know he’s a guy, but he’s often played by women)


  • I know she has brown hair in the movie, but I think a redhead with short hair could also be the version of Disney’s Rapunzel at the end.


  • Paige from Charmed


  • Misty from Pokemon


  • Ginger from Gilligan’s Island


  • Wendy from Peter Pan – her hair ranges from golden blond to red, but I think a redhead could pull it off.


  • Wilma Flintstone from The Flintstones


  • Lucy from I Love Lucy


  • Raggedy Ann


  • Strawberry Shortcake


  • Queen Elizabeth I

1592 Queen Elizabeth I 1533-1603 with a Fan, Unknown Artist  b

  • The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland


  • Clara Bow

Annex - Bow, Clara_12C

  • Nausicaa from Ghibli’s Nausicaa (I want that cat creature sooo badly)


  • Shirley Temple


  • Kairi from Kingdom Hearts I



  • Ron Weasley, or any of the Weasley brothers from the Harry Potter series


  • Peter Pan


  • Conan O’Brien (with or without a beard!)


  • Renji from Bleach


  • The Mad Hatter from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland


  • Rurouni Kenshin


  • David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust


  • Raggedy Andy


Some Generic ones that are often used with red hair:

  • Fairy
  • Steampunk
  • Witch
  • Pirate
  • Flapper
  • Leprechaun

That’s all for now but if you give me more ideas, I’ll happily add them!

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