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Japanese Drinks (Part I)

I put part one because I know I’ll be adding plenty more! I love Japanese drinks. Like a polar bear loves hot springs. Japan has so many unique drinks, and lots and lots and lots of limited time only or seasonal drinks. I can’t help but try them when I get a chance, even if it doesn’t seem like something I’d normally be interested in. So here’s a few I’ve tried, and what I thought of them.

This first one is a mango juice drink: delicious!! It’s been awhile since I had it, but I remember it being very smooth. And mango-y.


One of my favorite drinks of all time is milk tea, so naturally when some winter-only “dessert flavors” came out I had to try them! Unfortunately, I was (somewhat less -than-unexpectedly) disappointed by them. Just way too sweet for my taste buds. The one pictured here, if you couldn’t tell from the wrapper basted in them, is strawberry flavored. The other flavor was “とろけるショコラ,” a melted chocolat flavór. That one was a little better, but…still too sweet. I recently saw that there was a mango flavor at one point… WANT.


This one is an apple cider. It tasted pretty good, pretty much exactly what I thought it would taste like. I remember it not having a lot of carbonation, but it’s cider, so it must have. I did take a while to drink it for some reason though, so that may be why.


BOW BEFORE THE ALMIGHTY GRAPETISER. Actually it was also pretty average, especially considering its price at 200 yen. There was an Appletiser, but the price threw me off. A few days later I saw only the grape flavor was left, so I grabbed one. I’m pretty sure I would have enjoyed the apple version more.


This one’s rather similar to the previous one in taste, except marketed to children (it says “a drink for children” – felt like a real grown-up walking to the register holding this bad boy) and it was half the price.


Every time I go to Japan I find a new drink I get addicted to. The first time it was Calpis and melon soda, the second time milk tea, and this time, I’d have to say it’s definitely Cafe Ore/Ole/Au Lait. I drink so much I wouldn’t be surprised if my blood contained trace amounts of it. I drank it a lot the last time I was here, mainly as a necessity to get through boring classes. But now it’s what gives me midi-chlorians.


Those of you familiar with Japan probably know of C. C. Lemon – for those of you who don’t, it’s pretty much like carbonated lemonade. Well, they came out with a new version, that is, as it says on the top, SOUR! Four times the sourness of regular C. C. Lemon. I actually liked it, but I had to drink it very slowly. Too fast and I ended up looking like a Ringwraith from Lord of the Rings.


While we’re making LotR references, this one was tricksy and false. The thing next to the bottle came with it packed in a little bag. When I bought it, I thought it was a handkerchief. After opening it, I was like, what the eff David Blaine, one sock?! I have to buy another? Then I realized it was a bottle holder. Okay, so less realized, and more finally properly read the bag it came in. I was disappointed, but one of my friends says it’s really helpful to keep your drink cold. Not really necessary in January, but what cannya do. Oh, and the tea itself was pretty gross.


There was a new flavor of Fanta released – Yuzu. I was excited, but as Yuuki said, it was 微妙, mediocre.


Well that’s it for now, but I’m sure there will be more! Do any of these sound good to you? Any suggestions for other Japanese drinks I should try? (If you’re going to suggest one, please do it before February 9th. After I’m back in Wisconsin, it will just make me depressed.)

5 thoughts on “Japanese Drinks (Part I)

  1. Kafe oreeeeee! 大好きいいいいい
    This is so wonderful!
    There is one really strange and beautiful thing that became a vending machine 定番 for me. It was labeled “aloe” and was grape(ish) flavored with real pieces of aloe in it. I was super surprised and almost gagged when I first tried it (because I was dumb enough to not read it) but once I got over the fact that it had solid bits in it, it became one of my favorites. Super refreshing!

    • Ahhh I don’t think I ever saw that one!! めっちゃ気になったやん~

      I really hope I find it some day, I can’t even imagine what grape and aloe taste like together.

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