The Top Three Video Games (according to me (so it’s infallible))

I refuse to number these, because, well, I just can’t choose. It was hard enough to choose just three, and even then I sort of cheated. Enjoy:

  •  Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition

    Aww, Fawkes ❤
    Yuuki is lucky Fawkes is fictional.

    No game quite shocked me like Fallout 3 did. My roommate-to-be said she loved it but it was too scary to play alone, so I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like it. The only other ‘scary’ game(s) I’ve really enjoyed was Resident Evil 4/5, and I was picturing a game along the lines of Silent Hill. I don’t remember what it was that convinced me to start playing, but once I picked up that remote I did not leave my room for a month.

    Holy mother of sheep covered in applesauce, was that world open. I had never played a game quite like that before. It was so fun, and so interactive and so customizable. And the dialogue – marvelous. I can’t believe there are so many memorable characters that have so few lines. The writers did a wonderful job of keeping the feel of the world while making each new character feel different from the last. On top of that, and this is why I added Game of the Year addition, was the inclusion of super creative levels.

    I understand some players weren’t a fan of the (possible spoilers) space ship, Alaska, or 50’s murder mystery levels…but wow, I was delighted. It broke up the monotony of the (admittedly overdone) subway tunnels. Did I mention Liam Neeson? Because Liam Neeson. And Fawkes’ “By all means, llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllet’s,” is just as permanently lodged in my mind as Resident Evil’s shopkeeper’s “Waddya buyin’?” And with so many side quests and choices for dialogue, this game is a never-ending bundle of fun.

  •  Assassin’s Creed 2

    Nothing says “don’t mind me” like touching random strangers.

    Awhile back this spot would have been taken by, you guessed it, Prince of Persia. I loved PoP for a long time, and even though it disappointed me in a lot of ways, I still loved the concept, the feel of the world, and the gameplay enough to turn a blind eye to some of its more glaring flaws. So when I found out that the same makers were creating a historical game about an assassin, I was the giddiest Jenny on the block.

    I was again taken in by the world of the first one, but it had some pretty important things it was lacking. The gameplay was so repetitive, and the cut-scenes, for the most part, left me more bored than a baseball game on TV. And Altair, bless him, received so little characterization and personality, I was sure he was the drone they were looking for. And yes, I know he’s a secretive assassin, but c’mon, even assassins have pasts and futures (and I mean more than awkward tower scenes in order to show that he at one time did create an heir).

    That’s why I chose Assassin’s Creed 2. While the first one intrigued me, the second one gave me passion for the series. My cat’s name is Ezio Auditore da New Richmond. I think that sums my feelings up pretty well, but for a little more gushing: just like the first one, the world is open and amazingly detailed, right down to construction workers working on buildings that would have been under construction during that year. One of your best friends in Leonardo DaVinci, your uncle makes a Mario joke, and you are a charismatic guy with actual reasons to become an assassin? Sign me up! I was a big fan of all the conspiracy stuff going on too. It added such a cool spice to the game, and made the theme of ‘history and present being more connected than we think’ all the more clear. It also taught me some less than pleasant things about Ford…Those puzzles were actually surprisingly eerie to the point where I felt creeped out doing them by myself in the dark.

    As for the games following AC2, I enjoyed them a lot, but none of them had quite the spark or ingenuity of AC2. And I was rather disappointed that they managed to make Connor even more bland than Altair. I was impressed by their use of native voice actors and language though.

  • Final Fantasy (yep, here’s the cheat) VII, X, XII
    Final Fantasy: Destroying the meaning of the word final every year.

    Final Fantasy: Destroying the meaning of the word final every year.

    I know, I know. Pick one. But I can’t. These three were all groundbreaking to me in different ways, and I just can’t choose.

    X was my first one. Before I played it, I hated RPGs. I didn’t understand how sitting there, waiting for your turn, could possibly be entertaining. I mean, just go smack the guy with the sword! But somehow or other I ended up watching my brother play it anyway. The characters and their stories sucked me in until I refused to watch my brother play anymore, so that I could see what happened in my own game. On top of that, it was beautiful, and had such a fun world. I finally understood the hype (and as a result later experienced the extreme let-down that was X-2).

    XII was the second one I played, and it fixed everything I didn’t like about RPGs. I know a lot of people said it was too easy, but in my opinion, being able to move around like that enhanced the turn-based combat, and I was sorry to see it disappear in later games. XII was by far the most fun for me, gameplay-wise. The story was where this game kind of suffered. A little bit too political-driven and not enough character-driven. I also will never understand why they picked Vaan as the main character. They even literally had another character who was always claiming to be the leading man.

    Come at me bro

    Come at me bro

    Not to mention Balthier is pretty much the sexiest video game character of all time…

    As for VII, well, I know I’ll probably get some flack about how ‘overrated’ it is, but it was an excellent game, and you guys are just going to have to live with it. I actually went into it thinking something along those lines – there’s no way it’ll be that good. It couldn’t be. I had seen Advent Children too, so I thought, okay, it’ll be a solid game, another fantasy epic, hometown hero saves the world, the end. But wow, was I surprised at the characterization and story. It was a bit like reading Kurt Vonnegut for the first time. I knew it was a ‘classic’ so I had this image built up in my mind of how it was supposed to go. After playing it, I actually thought less of Advent Children. I realized how much of the magic had been lost in transition from game to movie.

    Its secret isn’t in its epic tale plot line or *spoiler* sad death. Its secret is all of the little moments that add up – from the possibility of going on a date with Barrett (admittedly they didn’t do too well on his character, but his relationship with Marlene is cute), to the entertaining conversations with random people on the street and sub-plots you might possibly miss entirely the first play through, to unique chapters of the game like entering Cloud’s mind. It makes the world seem so much more human than most fantasy games (and books). The characters felt much more alive to me, despite being, well, the epitome of PS 1 graphics. And any game where it looks like your hands are either beer cans or horse hooves and can still make you feel the terror of Sephiroth (man, the burning village scene sent chills down my spine), or make you burst out in laughter,

    will always be considered genius to me. I do really wish they had given Tifa a better outfit though. She’s one of the coolest female video game characters of all time and she’s dressed like a drunken construction worker.

    So that’s my list! If you disagree with me, well, you’re wrong. But feel free to explain why you’re wrong in the comments.

  • Honorable Mentions
    Kingdom Hearts (I actually debated a really long time over whether KH or FF should be in the list, but…without the FF influence I might not have even tried KH)
    Okami (If I ever make a post on the most gorgeous games, Okami and Ico would definitely make the list)
    Resident Evil 4/5
    Super Mario Bros.
    Champions of Norrath
    Dark Alliance
    Jak and Daxter 2
    Prince of Persia 1 & 3
    Final Fantasy VIII
    League of Legends (winner of the most addicting award, however)
    Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Ages
    Pokemon Red/Gold

26 thoughts on “The Top Three Video Games (according to me (so it’s infallible))

  1. Fallout 3 was a great game. I also remember being amazed by all of the possibilites of the wide open world. It was so much fun to explore and get sidetracked for hours. New Vegas was pretty good as well.

    -jonathan, avideogamelife.com

    • I’m glad you liked it, normally I hear a lot of negative things about it since it was so glitchy. But every game has flaws, and all of the good in the game made trudging through the glitches worth it. It really was easy to get lost in that game. The world was so rich and varied.

      New Vegas was pretty fun too. It felt like it was lacking something in my opinion. Probably a more diverse environment. But it had much better characterized followers with actual missions for them – loved that! And each faction having it’s own opinion of you was a nice change from Fallout 3 too. I heard even worse things about New Vegas, so I was nervous to spend money on it…but it’s actually a solid game (and Felicia Day = win!).

  2. How many of the Final Fantasy titles have you played? I always love to hear people’s opinions on IX because it was my favorite in the series.

    • Ahh I’m sorry to disappoint you then! I’ve always wanted to play IX because it’s so different in style from the others, but I never got my hands on a copy. 😦 Why do you like it over the others?

      I’ve played VI, VII, VIII, X, X-2 (though I like to pretend that’s a lie), XII and XIII.

      I wanted to play Dissidia and Crisis Core so badly too. But alas, no PSP.

      • I bet you’d love IX only because I feel like we value similar aspects of these games. I admit, part of the reason I love nine is out of emotional attachment. It was the first game I played and I felt a lot like the main heroine. I learned a lot about myself through her experiences. That side, I think IX brought the best of the classics into a modern light. It incorporated summoners, black mages and a lot of the lore of the original games. There were kingdoms to fight over and the characters looked… well… they looked like something out of a fantasy. I wish I could explain this better. To me, it felt like playing one of the original games with better graphics, music and side quests.

        I like to argue about X-2. To me, it’s like a fanfiction made into a game. I mean… I liked the game… but I pretend that it’s not cannon. My main reason is that the while idea that Tidus would come back is stupid. If he is a dream made flesh by the souls of the fayth trapped in an endless sleep until Sin is gone, how does he exist once Sin is gone forever? The fayth have left to their eternal rest. If Tidus is alive, then that means there’s a poor soul somewhere, a poor fayth, being denied their peace for the sake of two young lovers. That’s nice and everything, but Yuna’s a pretty 19-year-old girl, I’m sure she could get over her heart ache and move on.

        …also, the idea that someone singing a song would stop a battle/war is nonsense.

        That said… I’m very excited for the HD remake. X (if you don’t include X-2) is one of my favorites.

        • You make it sound very pretty! It does sound like something I would enjoy. When I get my ps3 back from my friend, maybe I’ll look into buying it! I know VII and VIII were downloadable for only $10. I wonder if IX is too.

          Fanfiction is a good way to look at it, thanks! If X-2 is viewed like that, it sounds a lot better.

          However, even in that light, and even with plot holes aside, I personally can’t like it. Not with the constant and pointless up-skirt shots, Yuna’s intelligence and personality being downgraded to the same size as her barely-there shorts (not to mention the way she runs…), and, instead of finding a potion, you ‘score’ a potion?! Ugh. I sort of wanted to like it, because I love Yuna and Tidus and being in a long distance relationship myself I want to see them overcome the odds…but it was just so poorly done in my eyes. Yuna wasn’t the Yuna I knew in X – and not because she grew weaker or stronger due to the events of X or the separation from Tidus. More like she swallowed too much plastic and became a Barbie with an empty head.

          Sorry, this rant isn’t directed at you and I understand if people like it – the gameplay itself wasn’t that bad. It’s just, they would have been better killing off Yuna instead of turning her into that, hah. I was (okay, still am) frustrated at what they did to these characters I had empathized with for so long, only to have them turn into people I had nothing in common with. It would have been an okay game (although, my above griefs about up-skirt shots and the like would still apply) if it had been made in it’s own right, with new characters.

          You have a point with the fayth, I hadn’t thought about that before. 😦 Lose-lose…

          I didn’t know they were doing an HD remake! That’s pretty exciting, although I’m guessing for the PS4. It’s going to be a while before I can afford that. But at least there’s YouTube.

          • I agree with everything you’ve said about X-2. There’s a part of me that can see Yuna going a bit nuts… like a child raised in a super strict household does when they finally move out. Still, it feels like a stretch.

            In terms of just about everything it was too….I don’t know the word…. tenn-bobish.

            The game had nothing that I loved about X in it but, I still can’t 100% hate it. I did like the music and the artwork of X-2…. Have you played FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus? I bought it the day it came out for the PS2. I was so excited because Vincent is one of my favorite characters. It was so bad…. worse than X-2 bad. In comparison, X-2 is a fantastic game.

            Lastly, here’s some good news. The HD remaster is for the PS3!!! That’s all I have right now. I usually buy everything used, so I just bought my PS3 last year. It is actually going to be released this month. I debated buying it for a long time because I still have a working copy for the PS2. Do I really need to be buying a game I already have?

            Yes. Definitely yes. The Collector’s Edition got me. It comes with a full-size, 40-page artbook, a remaster of the FFX soundtrack and 5 lithographs of artworks. If you pre-order it, you’re entered to win some additional prizes. In addition, the remaster includes added scenes that weren’t in the original games.

            This is turning into a very long comment, but I have to say one more thing. This is the thing I love about Playstation and why I will always hold it far above the Xbox. They love their gamers. The last new PS2 game they made was in 2012 and they systems usually run for over a decade. Even after they release a new system, they never forget about players who still use the old systems. FFXIII-3 and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 are both PS3 exclusives coming out this year. I’ve seen a lot of games available for both PS3 and PS4. I love Sony for not dropping everything for the PS4.

            • You’re right – teen boppish is a good way of putting it. That’s what I don’t get it about it though. Even though they do all the ‘girly’ costumes, turn everyone into a ditz, and change the language of the game to be more (so-called) ‘girl-friendly,’ they still have the up-skirt shots! I mean whut. Is that some sort of half-hearted attempt at keeping the boys’ attention?

              I never played Dirge of Cerberus. I heard it was a lot like Devil May Cry, and when it came out I was a little burnt out of those types of games. I’m sorry to hear it was mediocre. :/

              Wowwww. It must be around $100 then, huh? T_T Sounds beautiful though.

              I didn’t know about that! That makes me happy. I’ve always been a PS girl myself, but I think a lot of that is emotional attachment since it’s all I’ve ever had, aside from a Gameboy and an NES. Glad to know I can at least say there’s reason behind my love now, haha.

              • I didn’t notice the upskirt shots when I first played X-2. I’ll have to pay more attention. I think that may be a Japanese thing. I’ve seen some animes where they make a point of having females move in such a way you can see their panties. Sometimes, there’s nothing else sexual besides that AND it has a teen-bop feel. I don’t get it, but it is a thing that exist.

                If you bought everything in the collectors edition separately, I bet it would be over 100 dollars. It’s 80 dollars on their website, though.

            • I’m surprised you didn’t notice, but they are randomly thrown in for no purpose. I don’t know – I argue with my (Japanese) boyfriend about this all the time, haha. He’s a huge anime fan, and I want to like it too (used to be a huge fan) but when you do stuff like that, you’re saying to the audience ‘I don’t have enough faith in my plot or characters, so let me throw some naked parts at you and hope you stay with me.’ And if the creators don’t have faith in their own production…why should I? Yuuki argues that ‘that’s just how anime is,’ but anime is a medium, not a genre. You can tell any kind of story with it!

              $80 is reasonable, but probably out of my price range. I’ll just have to resign myself to slobbering on the windows of game stores.

              • I’m not a huge fan of those kinds of animes. The good ones (in my opinion) don’t have to resort to that. There were no up-skirt photos in Attack on Titan or Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

                You have me a bit worried, though. Maybe I’ve been into the genre too long to notice? I will seriously be keeping an eye out from now on.

                I wonder if Google can give me any answers to this up-skirt phenomena.

            • Yeah, FMA’s always good. I haven’t see Attack on Titan yet. You’d think success of those stories would tell people they don’t need it…but then you have the success of shows like Fairy Tale and Gurren Lagan, ugh.

              My boyfriend wanted me to watch Bakemonogatari with him – but they have one pretty much less than a minute into the show. I’ve even seen a kid’s show where the main guy tried to look up the girl’s skirt (though at least they didn’t actually show it). It’s ridic. If you’re a big anime fan you’ll definitely start noticing more of it, sadly.

              I found this while searching, that kind of seems to describe how I felt while playing X-2, haha. http://fantasticalthings.blogspot.com/2011/01/final-fantasy-x-2-part-one.html

              And I just heard that FF Versus XIII has not only become FFXV, but that it’ll be released on the PS4. Makes me so sad since I’ve been waiting for that game since 2006.

              • I’ll have to check out that link. I started to look at it, but it’s long and I felt like commenting back.

                When it comes to anime, I look at story and art first. I feel like I don’t like what might be considered ‘stereotypical’ anime. I need something with a complex story line and unique artwork. To be honest, if something has those things, I don’t mind there being some odd choices of clothing. Ghost in a Shell, for example, is great, but they dress the main character poorly most of the time. To each their own though. I remember taking a class in college where we discussion stereotypes in movies. Long story short, it’s important to be aware of the cultures problems and stereotypes, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the show. Something like that…

                As for what has now become FFXV, I know people who bought the PS3 for the sole purpose of playing that game. It’s a shame they have taken so long. Square has not been running a good business in the past few years, if you ask me. They’re doing a pretty good job at remaking old games (mostly made in the days of Squaresoft), but they aren’t doing so hot with new games. I’m apprehensive enough to play FFXIII…. I heard that FFXV is still going to be in the same world as FFXIII. Do you know if that’s true or not? Watch. The PS5 will be out before we finally get that game. In the meantime, they’ll create a few more MMORPGs.

                I’m happy to wait and see with FFXV. I want to love it. I want it to bring the series back to what it was in the 90s. However, I have my doubts they will ever produce something that good again.

                Sorry, that’s so depressing. I’m sure they’ll still be good enough games. I’m just not convinced they’ll ever be great again. Here’s hoping FFXV proves me wrong.

            • I know! It’s such a great idea for a blog – I wonder how painstaking it must have been to get all the screenshots and upload them though. But it is pretty funny, I might have to see what she/he says about FFXII!

              Yeah, I don’t think any of the anime I consider ‘great’ that involves schoolgirls, though I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that ones like InuYasha got me into anime in the first place. But my favorites include Trigun, Samurai Champloo, and Spirited Away.

              That’s a good point – being aware of the culture’s problems and stereotypes. If you’re not super into the culture though, that’d be harder. If I were to watch an Indian movie I guess I’d have to do some research first!

              But also like that implies…you can still like something and criticize it! Often people get really defensive.

              It is a huge reason why I got a ps3 too…and I had a poster of Noctis hanging in my room for so long! I’ve heard that XV and XIII were in the same world too, but at different times in that world – but I’ve also heard that about VII and X, that X actually happens before VII. So I’m not sure. I thought about researching it, but I was trying to keep myself in the dark about XV so it could surprise me when I played it. Now since I’ll probably end up watching someone else play it on youtube or something, I guess it doesn’t matter.

              FFXIII was a major let down to me, after XII. And it’s got some major problems. But the story’s alright and there are…a couple of good characters, anyway. It’s worth a playthrough if you’re an FF fan, just know that it is verrrry linear. It’s beautiful, at least.

              I don’t think they’ll ever have anything quite like the old ones because I think their focus has changed. Back then the graphics were so bad they had to come up with other ways to keep the attention of the gamers, and they put all this quirky stuff in that makes it so fun, and ironically, more realistic/more like life. Now their focus is more on graphics and sleekness.

              I hope XV is different too! I’m already a fangirl of Noctis, dangitt.

  3. I’m such a Fallout tragic – I put well over 600 hours into 3 – the world felt like it was doing its own thing and didn’t need me (I’m really sorry, Roy, for shooting you in the face … every time).
    Who says FF 7 is overrated? Its a goddamn classic and my first RPG. I own the damn soundtrack and I’m not that geeky (well, kinda).
    Loved X for the brilliant fighting mechanic and thought X-2s story was weak (something I don’t normally forgive) the new strategy of the timing in the fights had me hooked.
    Good post.

    • Fallout tends to punch you in the face and steal all your life force. Fallout tragic indeed! I was so obsessed with it for a long time. I’m scared to look at the number of hours I put into that game…

      I don’t know, I just feel like when anyone chooses any FF on any website on the internet, it ends up being a debate on how classic or how overrated FFVII is. I’m with you though – it definitely deserves all of the acclaim!

      I guess I blocked out most of the gameplay in X-2 so I don’t really remember the timing. But I agree with X. Its gameplay was good enough to make me actually enjoy the RPGs I had scoffed at for so long.

      Thank you for reading!!

  4. also agree with you about Okami (what a game!) and Ico, id have to add Shadow of the Colossus to my own list, along with Bully (and I’m not much of a Rockstar fan)

    • I’ve never actually played SoC or Bully…but SoC is definitely a gorgeous game as well! I heard something about a movie awhile back, but…nothing lately, so maybe it’s been scrapped. Not sure how they’d make it into a movie anyway. At least from what I know of it, Ico has more story and characters.

      • go get shadow of the colossus RIGHT NOW – RUN!
        afterwards you can beg the gods of gaming for your lack of foresight

        • Haha I’ve watched it be played, and it is beautiful. There just didn’t seem to be much to it, other than fighting large monsters. At least from what I saw of it, there wasn’t much story.

          • the story is there. its not Game of Thrones, but its enough to pull you through.

            The atmosphere and the way this game pulls you in, is just fantastic. Many little touches make this so amazing. For example when you load a saved game, the map slowly zooms into your character, whom is sleeping. You can just watch him for a min or so and then he wakes up and stands up and its this nice, quiet way of saying welcome back.

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  6. I like how you mentioned League in your honor list lol. I cant comment on your top 5 games (let be honest here, each fantasy is a totally different world) because I dont play much console games but I did play a bit of FF XIV. Final Fantansy was really famous and every cool kids played it. Unfortunately, I was too poor to own a ps2/ps3 then, and now Im too busy to finish a game. It’s something I have to live with :’). Regardless, you made those games sound so interesting I cant stop reading about it. RPG is single player so the game needs great focus on story line and character developments. Your review nailed them both.

    • Haha, yeah. I have such a love-hate relationship with League, you have no idea. It’s so fun to play, and when my boyfriend and I were long-distance it was one of the few non-Skype “dates” we could have. But the community is so terrible and the designers seem to make no effort to make it any better. It can also take over your life a bit, when “just one more game” means another hour, and having a crappy game (which is most of them in that community, regardless of winning or losing) makes you want to try again…Still League-sober for over a week though, and staying strong!

      I’ve never played FF XIV. How is it?
      I certainly didn’t feel like a cool kid playing the games, haha, but I’ll take it. It was a blast anyway, hip or not.

      Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!!

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