Crossing the Moon (Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections)



Yuuki and I on the gorgeous Togetsukyō Bridge (渡月橋: literally Moon-Crossing Bridge) in Arashiyama, Kyoto Japan with rented kimonos in late January, 2014. Uploaded for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Sorry for sort of cheating and using two photos, but I couldn’t decide.

I like my photo (actually taken by him) because you can see the river and the sky so clearly and it sort of represents where I was at in that moment. I was so happy to be there but so sad that my time would be up soon, and in a couple weeks I’d be traveling away from him on an airplane over the ocean.

His I also really like because of the perspective. It suggests he has two choices, to continue walking on the well-lit bridge, or to dive into the unknown river. It also fits him pretty well, because I know he’s feeling anxious about his choice between staying and working in Japan, or moving to America to go school.


*** Turns out this is my 50th post! Too perfect for the theme of reflections.

5 thoughts on “Crossing the Moon (Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections)

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