Message in a Bottle (Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters)


I made this to send to my boyfriend in Japan a year and a half ago. I colored the paper to make it look old using a mixture involving coffee, and gathered together the materials you can see in the bottle (even a cute little umbrella, which you unfortunately can’t see). The quote I used is a quote he likes from one of his favorite animes, Eureka Seven. 「覚えておいて。信じていればきっとまた会える。。。本当に信じることができたら、信じる力は現実になるから。」 Roughly translated, it means, “Remember this. If you believe, we may meet again…because if you truly believe something, the power of your belief will make it reality.”

2 thoughts on “Message in a Bottle (Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters)

    • I did! I sent it over snail mail and it almost got lost. That was a painful month. I had wanted to keep it a secret but when three weeks passed I had to ask him. Turned out it had be held by the post office for some reason.

      He loved it though. 🙂 He had never gotten something like it before. Thanks for the kind words!!

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