Name Change

Some of you may have noticed, some of you may have not, but as I threatened to do in an earlier post, I have changed the name of my blog (I also didn’t get the two jobs I mentioned in that post, so alas, no update on that front). I wanted to do it before I reached 100 followers, and believe me, when I hit 99 followers I had my notebook and pen out, frantically trying to come up with something that was clever, short, catchy, represented me and my writings, and unique.

I don’t think I succeeded in every single one of those categories, but 4/5 isn’t bad.

My first method was to write down all the categories of things I plan to write about or have written about, note words associated with each subject, and look for common ground. It didn’t really work for me.

Then I just thought of words I like the sound of. For some reason, for the longest time I couldn’t get the word ‘flecks’ off my mind. It’s a fun word.

I thought of song lyrics, book titles, everything I could, but none of it really made me smile or feel like that was “it.”

Then I remembered the hero of my childhood, J. R. R. Tolkien, and his little band of writers (that included C.S. Lewis) in Oxford, called “The Inklings.”

Tolkien has had no small influence on my life. You can blame him for quite a lot of the geekiness that flows through my veins. It’s the mythril of his stories that got me through a sometimes turbulent home life and an almost always unpleasant middle school experience. I even dressed up as him when I was in middle school when we had to do a report on someone famous. I borrowed an old suit from my dad and bought a licorice pipe from a candy store (for a similar project I also once borrowed clothes from my mother and dressed up as Enya…yeah, I was that kid).

I was always awed by and jealous of his community of writers. How great to share writings over coffee, and how much would I have loved to have been one of his beta readers! It sounded like a party to me. A party with coffee and dragons! How much better could life get, I mean really.

So I thought I’d incorporate that somehow. I kept thinking ‘an inkling of _____ .’ But no matter what I put in that blank, it lost some of its luster.

But the more I ran over the title in my head, the more a half-formed image kept coming to my mind of a creature called an ‘inkling,’ a shapeshifter in crosshatching. I liked that idea, a lot.

I started thinking about how it could fit into the areas I write about. Obviously, fiction, poetry, and art/comics are covered. Japan was a little trickier, but you could definitely say it fits in with calligraphy and kanji. You could also say that when I go to Japan I become a sort of ‘shapeshifter.’ And when you speak a foreign language, the language itself can inform your personality in some ways. Photography is a little more abstract (unless you want to go with the ink on a photo), but it could symbolize how before I take a photo I usually have an inkling of and idea on how the photo will turn out, but the reality is often different, for better or worse. Representing human rights and social issues is a little hard through this name, but one way could be that the ink drawing of an ideal world and the actual real world are very different, and the creature called an ‘inkling’ is striving to close that gap between the two.

English degree: Bullshitting 101.

So I lost a point for uniqueness (and if you want to be technical maybe another 1/2 a point for cleverness since the cleverness was mainly from others). There a few other websites that use the name, but they mostly seem to relate to tattoos. It’s also convenient in that I can add a couple letters to combine my nickname of Brin with the title of inkling to get the unique username of ‘brinkling.’ It’s also a little presumptuous of me to insert myself into that awesome group of people (at one point I was even thinking of changing it to ‘an aspirational inkling’ or ‘an inkling wannabe,’ but then I couldn’t get the Spice Girls out of my head and it got messy with the flailing and the dancing). Still, I think Tolkien will forgive me. It’s my goal to earn my place.

I also changed the url. Unfortunately I know it’s going to cause a bit of confusion and some temporary loss in traffic, as it will break some links (I’m having fun re-linking myself in my own posts as we speak). But I wanted to rip off this band-aid, because I think it will help in the long run. Six months from now it would be pretty strange if my url was completely unrelated to the name of my website. I apologize for any of the confusion this may cause. If you see any broken links or pictures that don’t load due to this, please let me know!

In particular, I’ve received a lot of traffic thanks to Mrs. Eikenburg of Speaking of China, who recently add me to her list of blogs she likes. Please consider updating the link to reflect the change!

If you haven’t ever visited her site you definitely should – she posts a lot about multicultural relationships with unique perspectives. There is a ton of interesting content to go through!


In other news, thank you for following me! I can’t believe I’m up to 105 followers now. You guys light up my life. Keep on keepin’ on —


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