I never underestimate laughter,

hiding in old boxes and young wrinkles.

It begins or ends with a disaster.


I caught on when the schoolyard taunts turned the aster

to rot, and the ground ashen with sprinkles;

I sometimes underestimate laughter.


The bodies of Pompeii were found after

a realization so simple;

A moment can be frozen by disaster.


No more tumbling gravely on a rafter

above dull cinder; I decide it twinkles.

I rarely underestimate laughter.


And so initiates a new chapter.

Tragedy or comedy, find the symbols;

One begins and one ends in disaster.


Certainty is a balm that works faster.

Blaze the trail with confident cymbals.

I never underestimate laughter.

It begins or ends with a disaster.



Written for a class assignment for a poetry class, my first attempt at a villanelle.

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