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And So the Search Begins as it Ends

Guess what?

…I got a big kid job! Sort of. It’s only a year contract, but if I do well and I like it, I may have a chance to do another year. And I’ll be working with refugees and immigrants! I am so excited. And nervous. But mostly excited. I’ve wanted to try my hand at a job like this for years. I miss being in an international community, and I miss feeling like I have an impact on someone’s life.

It’s all happening very quickly, and it requires me to move to Pennsylvania. The only memory I have of Pennsylvania was a brief trip when I lived in Maryland as a kid, to the Hershey theme park, and I rode my first upside-down roller coaster. In a way this sort of feels like that did. Terrifying in a way that I’m propelling myself into a completely new environment without knowing anyone. Like most humans, there’s a part of me that wants to stay comfortable. At least, I don’t thoroughly enjoy hanging upside down at the mercy of a machine. But also the idea of that new step into uncharted territory for myself is very thrilling, and part of me, despite all of the people I’m going to miss, wishes I could leave tomorrow.

One of the reasons I can’t is…I don’t have an apartment. I am struggling to find one online right now, but it’s difficult. Without seeing it, how do I know it’s a good place? Not to mention, some listings don’t even have pictures. I’m really nervous about that because I leave in exactly a month. I’m not taking my piece of junk car (maybe someday I’ll make a blog that’s a list of everything wrong with it, just as a memento), so I won’t even have my car to sleep in.

If anyone has any advice, whether it be a good website for finding apartments or good questions to ask about an apartment, I am all ears. I’ve found a good few that could be suitable, but without being there I don’t have much in the way of differentiating them.

As for Yuuki, we’ve been working on applications for colleges for him together for a few weeks now. It turns out that one of the colleges has a summer intensive English program, along with a year ESL program, and they think doing both would benefit Yuuki. In addition, they said if he studies hard, he may be able to begin taking credits in an undergraduate or graduate program while taking the English classes! So he might go for his master’s instead of a second bachelor’s after all. I am beginning to think that would be the best option.

It’s not for sure yet that he’ll do the summer program yet, but if he does, he’ll be in Pennsylvania before I am by about two weeks. That will be strange, but good for him, I think. I won’t be able to be his crutch. When I thought I’d see him in two months my heart beat a little faster. I kept telling myself not to hope too much, with all the times our and my plans have failed. But now that it seems so close, maybe just one month and less than a month until we can talk on a phone, it’s hard not to feel that excitement. It was beginning to feel like I was dating my computer, less than a real human being.



A picture I drew of him. Hopefully he’s as attractive in person! I’m beginning to forget.. loljkjk


So cheers to avoiding soul-crushing disappointment! Hear, hear!



4 thoughts on “And So the Search Begins as it Ends

  1. Congratulations on your new job! If you don’t know anyone living in the area to stay while apartment-hunting, you may have to find an inexpensive monthly- or weekly-paid accommodation. If it is a big city with colleges (Philly, Pitts), you could look for the area’s colleges, which often offer their dorm rooms for rent during summer. They are cheap, and a much safer option than others (eg. couchsurfing).
    Great to hear Yuuki-kun’s plan is coming into focus. It sounds promising–as I wrote before, he should be able to get in grad school after an intensive ELL program for a semester or so. (No offense, but I have found a lot of college graduates here aren’t that much better than int’l students in reading and writing, which is more important than verbal skills for graduate studies).
    If you two end up in the same state (PA), would it be possible to see each other on regular basis? If so, that would be fantastic–Having seen the trip videos you posted, I could see you two make a nice (low-key yet a bit goofy!) couple.

    • Thank you! I have thought about doing that too. Either choice, staying somewhere temporary and using money on that, or going into a lease without seeing it, has my stomach in knots! But I’m leaning towards what you said so I can see it myself. I haven’t heard about colleges renting out dorms before, I’ll have to look into that too.

      You may be right about the college graduates here not being that great at writing (I hope you didn’t think that because of all the typos in this article though, haha. In my defense I can’t seem to get more than six hours of sleep anymore between work, setting this up, and worrying about setting everything up). Your words about the graduate program from the other post stuck with me, and a couple people in my life said something similar. At the time it seemed impossible but now it seems much more possible.

      Yes! Yuuki will be living in the dorm for the summer program, but after that we plan to move in together. 🙂

      • No, no, I was not referring to your (excellent) writing 🙂 I regularly deal with college students’ and graduates’ formal writings, and I often have to extensively copy-edit them–and I am an ESL person!
        Oh, wow, you two are moving in together! How exciting! I am assuming that it would be the first time you two living together on this side of the Pacific. I sense a plenty of interesting posts coming once it begins.

        • Thank you! That’s sad to hear though, I guess people are too used to Facebook talk and think it’s okay to write like that on academic papers. I saw some of that in my peers’ work in school too.

          You are right, it will be our first time living together for more than a couple weeks on this side of the ocean!

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