I Live!

I know some of you were probably beginning to doubt it, but I am alive!

My world got very, very chaotic very, very quickly.

I can’t write about everything, but I am currently in Pennsylvania after a hectic few weeks preparing, a complicated two-day trip involving three forms of transportation, and an extremely busy schedule at my new job.

One of the things I can talk about is Yuuki’s visit! It turned out that it was cheaper or close to the same price for him to fly to Wisconsin and then take a train out to Pennsylvania than it was to simply fly to PA.

It happened really quickly, and he was only with us for three full days. But it was nice because he finally got to meet a few of my friends he had never met before. Unfortunately he had trouble whenever there were so many native English speakers and became very silent.

I’m hoping this program helps him become more comfortable with English and more confident in general.

Anyway, it was lucky for us that July 4th had passed not too long ago, so we were able to greet him with some clearance USA merchandise.


Obviously these sunglasses didn’t work very well. Gave a nice fishbowl effect, if you’re into that sort of thing.


We got to do a few things that I had been wanting to do together, like barbecue with my friends and visit my sister’s college (it looks like a castle).


He also made sukiyaki for my family.



He was shocked this was the smallest size we had. “So American.”


Unfortunately it flew by and it was no time at all before we had to say goodbye again. We wouldn’t meet again for a few weeks, and two days after that I had to leave for a four-day long training for my job.

We still have a lot we have to work on and to buy. I can’t wait to be able to cook my own food.

My job is quite an adjustment, but in a good way I think. I still have a lot to learn about what they expect out of me for this coming year, and a lot to learn in general.

Speaking of which, if anyone has any resources for learning Nepali or Arabic I’d love to hear of them!

I am missing my family, friends, cats, and my alone time to do things like blog and read. Luckily I’m too busy and stressed to miss anything for too long though. No time to be sad. So I guess that’s good.

And I’ve met some pretty cool people and seen some pretty cool things. Like this:




I’ll try to write a better post soon, with more details and better English. I don’t have as much access to the internet at the moment.

Cheers for staying with me despite my long absence!


2 thoughts on “I Live!

  1. Mmmm, sukiyaki… yum!
    Glad your move to PA was complete. Hope Yuuki-kun (a really good-looking dude, by the way!) and you enjoyed the short rendezvous in WI. He will have to face many many difficult moments being a total (linguistic and otherwise) outsider–been there done that–but he’ll get there. Hope he will fade them with a sense of humor.

    • I know…I could kill for some sukiyaki right now…or any Japanese food at all really. We don’t everything quite set up yet, so we’re eating a fast-food heavy diet. Not a great way to live!

      Haha thanks, I think he’s pretty handsome too!

      Yeah, he has a lot of challenges ahead of him, that’s for sure. But I can tell he’s maturing and his English is better than he realizes. It has a lot to do with confidence! Thank you!

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