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Sassy Flashcards

I haven’t updated in awhile as Nanowrimo* is here and draining my writing time. But since I gained two new followers and for some reason quite a few views since I last logged in, I figured I should probably post something.

Since I moved to PA, I hadn’t been doing a lot of the good habits I had formed in Wisconsin. I guess moving upsets that balance, plus for the first time I have a job that’s intellectual in nature, and it’s draining in an entirely different way than retail or college. Maybe similar to college except…it’s 8 hours straight. So, by the time I come home, looking at a computer again is one of my lowest priorities (for anything other than League or Netflix, that is).

But this past week I’ve been slowly regaining those habits. One of which is using Anki. If you don’t know what it is, in short, it’s an awesome flashcard program that’s free for your computer (costs money for the mobile version – but if you use it, it’s worth it!) You can download decks that other people made, from many different subjects, or you can make your own.

I have quite a few Japanese language decks. Today I was practicing one while Yuuki was sitting next to me. It ended up talking back to him. Our conversation went like this:


Flashcard: I’ve decided to go back to my country.
I read the first word as ‘kikkoku.’
Yuuki: It’s ‘kikoku’
The next flashcard: Please stop talking.
Yuuki: You want me to crush you?
The next flashcard: There is a problem.

After that the flashcards kept insulting him, coming up with cards like ‘彼はだめな男だ’ (He’s a loser) and ‘彼はもっと運動したほうがいい’ (He should exercise more). It was a pretty giggle-filled morning. Has anyone else met with sassy flashcards before?


* Or rather the procrastination of Nanowrimo**

** My apartment has never looked so clean!***

*** I’m exercising again!****

**** Hey look! A shiny thing!

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