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Two Packages from Japan

I know it’s been a long time since I updated, and there are several reasons and a couple of excuses for that. But most of all, I finally have my own computer (had to return the last one and it was a bit of a nightmare) and no longer have to use a Japanese keyboard. The ease with which I can now use an apostrophe! “You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone,” indeed. ””””””””””””””””””””””” Sorry. Had to get it out of my system. If you’ve never used a Japanese keyboard, imagine pressing Shift + 7 for an apostrophe. Every. Time.

Anyway, after being an absentee blogger for so long, I wasn’t sure what to write about. I have quite a few things that I would like to talk about, but most of them are more serious matters that I’m passionate about, and I feel like writing about something a little more fluffy and photo-intensive. So since my audience tends to like stuff about Japan, and since I last wrote, I have received two very nice packages containing Japanese items, I decided to write about that. One was from my little sister who went to China for a week and then Japan for three weeks, and one was from Yuuki’s mom.

Unbeknownst to me my sister was taking pictures over Skype, and I was home from work sick so I look less than pleasant to the eye, but oh well (not too different from normal). Here’s me pathetically trying to open the package from her without stabbing anyone:


Here’s the layout of all the contents of the box:


One of the things I was most excited about was the first three Harry Potter books in Japanese!! Also the adorable shot glasses and rice bowls…can you tell we’re cat people? Is it subtle?


Here’s Yuuki reading the first Harry Potter while I’m judged by Callisto.


One thing missing in the above photo of everything she sent us. There is an ongoing joke that Yuuki and his best friend are in a closer relationship than they would care to admit. My sis bought a doujinshi (fan-made manga) and “subtitled” the whole thing so that Yuuki and his friend are the main characters. Naturally, I’m the jealous third wheel. Here is Yuuki and I seeing it for the first time.


Here’s a glimpse at the inside…

Clearly college classes are keeping her busy.

Clearly college classes are keeping her busy.

This is supposedly a tonkatsu…Personally I don’t see it. Our cat, Callisto, also apparently didn’t like it. It was sitting on top of the tapioca on our table. Even though she’s never done this before or since to any other item, she ran up and smacked it off the table where it stood.


GODZILLA, KING OF JAGABEE…oh and lots of fun Kit Kats!


When talking about souvenirs from Japan, cats bathing in coffee is almost a given. The creepy yellow thing is the tapioca I mentioned in the tonkatsu picture.


I couldn’t even wait to get the matcha chocolate out of the package before I started eating it (meanwhile, Yuuki’s still horrified and amused by the doujinshi).


She also gave us a package of beautiful Cowboy Bebop postcards she also found at Book Off (otherwise known as the best store in Japan). Yuuki rearranged them in a pretty circle. Callisto looked on, jealous. It was actually perfect timing, because I had just finished making Yuuki watch all of Cowboy Bebop. (Yuuki before we watched Cowboy Bebop: “It’s so oooold.” After we watched Cowboy Bebop: “Why aren’t there any new anime like this. New anime is the worst.”)

11069431_10150550326674959_500642779522139233_n 10608542_10150550326664959_3336322985294608491_o 11082482_10150550326719959_7630730416518992841_o

Yuuki got a Monster Hunter and a Godzilla figurine. He put them together and said in English, “They’re in collaboration.”


He was moderately impressed with Godzilla. Moderately.


We’re still working our way through the goodies! Maybe if I finish them and have the forethought I’ll take pictures and review them like I did in a previous post.

Since we did not Skype with Yuuki’s mother while we opened her package, we have but one photo of the assembled goods. As you can see, Callisto literally got a glint in her eye when she saw it. Indeed, she kept thinking the canned fish was for her. The package from Yuuki’s mom contained more practical items, such as the plain white t-shirt and ramen. We are still working our way through much of this package as well, though the chocolate mysteriously disappeared within the first day or so…


Oh no. After assembling this post, I’ve made myself hungry…time to devour the goodstuffs.


3 thoughts on “Two Packages from Japan

  1. ” Yuuki before we watched Cowboy Bebop: “It’s so oooold.” After we watched Cowboy Bebop: “Why aren’t there any new anime like this. New anime is the worst.” ”

    I know, right?

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