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It’s actually 205 now. My page lists it as 271, but that’s because it adds in my number of followers on Twitter. Which is silly. Twitter doesn’t really count. I get new subscribers on Twitter every week while my overall number of followers on Twitter stays the same, so…I’m not convinced many are following me because they actually want to hear what I say. The number on WP may not be any more of an indication than Twitter, but it feels like more of an accomplishment because I put a lot more time and effort into this site than I do on Twitter or Instagram or any other site.

Something else that confuses me is that many of my posts will get a surplus of likes but no views. Whut? For example, the tanka I wrote last night currently has 0 views but 5 likes. How does that happen? I have it set so that people can see a preview but have to go to the site to see the whole post. I guess with a tanka they could potentially read the actual poem and just skip the explanation part at the bottom…But it happens with regular ol’ blog posts too. Oh well. It’s just weird.

Either way, even if 205 isn’t an accurate depiction of how many people actually care what I write, it means more to me than any other ‘follower’ number because of how much I’ve invested in it and how much more feedback I receive. So, to those of you who read, comment, and like: thank you.

As a bonus, here is Yuuki wearing a Yoda hat.


8 thoughts on “200 Followers!

      • Yes! I was actually going to say this.. I’ve noticed the same – I have a few likes that didn’t correspond with the amount of views I had (and I have way less followers than you!)

        But in any case – Quality over quantity! You have a nice, interesting blog here so those who do read out of genuine interest appreciate what you do 🙂

        • Aww I really appreciate that!! Thank you!! ❤

          I think your blog is a lot newer than mine and that's probably the main reason I have more followers. I probably shouldn't have as many as I do considering how often I've gone AWOL for 6 months.

          You have a lot of interesting content as well, and straight from Japan! Plus you seem to post regularly – so keep posting and keep visiting/ commenting on other blogs and I'm sure your readership will go up in no time!

          • Thanks for the advice!! I’m learning a lot so far and it is good fun ^^

            I figured since I am living here, it would be nice to document what goes on. Going AWOL is inevitable once in a while, life throws things your way. But I’m sure your loyal followers appreciate when you return!

  1. Some people insta like your post after you post it too. At first I was like oh that’s fast? Yay, but then I realized it’s really fast, like not even one second. Those must be automatic because no human can read that fast. In the end, it’s really people like you who matter.

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