A New Blog for Tankas and a Little Life Update Wherein I Mope

So first off, I wanted to say I made a new blog for the tankas alone. I figured it was probably annoying and confusing to people who follow me for the nonfiction articles. While it’s likely fine if I were to upload poetry or fiction once in awhile, I’m guessing it’s irritating when it’s daily if that’s not what you followed me for. So the new Tanka-only blog is called “Tanka Tangerine” for no reason other than I like the sound of it, and you can find it by clicking here. I’m still working on the design so it ain’t pretty yet.

For the life update – I didn’t get into a certain teaching-in-Japan program. It’s hard not to feel like a failure, especially after investing so much time and money into the application process. I honestly thought the interview went really well, so I start thinking about all the possible ‘I’m too ___’ or ‘I don’t have enough __’. It’s easy to drown in those thoughts. Especially when you know so many people who didn’t fail, and are friends with them on Facebook.

But at least on the other hand, I got my first ever freelance writing gig. A small batch of underpaid articles, but at least I can say someone thought my writing was good enough to pay for it. A small +1 for the portfolio.

Also Camp Nanowrimo started. Here’s hoping I can do my story idea justice, and keep myself distracted so I don’t mope for too long. Probably going to make my story a little bittersweet though, since it’s supposed to take place in Japan and is based on Japanese mythology.

Hope you’re all doing well and have few reasons to mope.

3 thoughts on “A New Blog for Tankas and a Little Life Update Wherein I Mope

  1. I’m so so sorry to hear you were unsuccessful. It is such a grueling process to apply so it’s hard not to feel down about it. A few people close to me went through the same thing. Have you considered alternative ways to get to Japan if that’s the overall goal?

    But in the darkness of that, it is great you were able to get a freelance writing gig! Something to still work toward and feel positive about at least.

    Sending warm thoughts your way

    • Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to travel out-of-state twice to interview, so I kind of burnt the bridge with Interac waffling while I was trying to decide whether to bank on JET or Interac, and Interac’s dates were ahead of JET’s. Since JET pays better and I’m in my apartment lease until late summer it seemed like the best route to go. I also used Ohayo Sensei to apply to a few other independent jobs but they didn’t really respond either.

      I’m not really sure what my goal is now, to be honest. I think I need some time to look inwards at what I want.

      Thank you for your support and kind words, I really appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Oh no. That feeling sucks. I went through something similar in highschool back in Vietnam when we all applied for a chance to study in Singapore (back then it was like Japan). We wrote lots of exams and had to make a ‘portfolio’ book to prove that we were also good kids outside of academic. It was a long stressful process but I was confident I could get in. Needless to say, I had to watch all my friends go without knowing what went wrong with my application. It was hard, I couldnt stop thinking about it for a long time (even now). But it also taught me a lesson: result isnt everything. Life is a journey. The most important thing is to give it your best shot, no regret. If it doesnt work out, move on and start a new journey. Look at where it got me now (better place than Singapore). There are lots of twists an turns but in the end you still go toward your goal if you keep focus. Life will bring you countless opportunities. Linger on the old ones if you must but be ready for the new ones.

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