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“It was a hobbit hole, and that means comfort.”

Warning: nerd alert

If you didn’t know, September 22 is Hobbit Day because it is the mutual birthday of Bilbo and Frodo. I’ve mostly celebrated simply before with classy Middle-Earth puns, once with just lembas, and oh yeah, a blog post I forgot about.

This time I celebrated with a few friends and we pulled out alllllll the stops (well as much as four low-wage-earners could, anyway). What better way to celebrate Hobbit Day than with that which hobbits love most: food! And we’re literally underground. [insert elven word for perfect here]. This is a mouth-watering picture of everything we made:


From upper left and then clockwise (all linked because these awesome people deserve credit, and so you can make your own! (and maybe so I can re-make them again at some point…)):

Bilbo’s Tea Cake

Farmer Maggot’s Mushroom Pot Pie

Beorn’s Honey Cake


Dwarven Street Potatoes (or Crispy Fried Smashed Potatoes with Cheese Filling)

They were all wonderful and 10/10 would recommend, but my favorites were probably Bilbo’s Tea Cake and Dwarven Street Potatoes (which reminded me a little of Japanese festival food). My friend liked Beorn’s Honey Cake the best, and Yuuki wants to make more lembas. So it’s all guuud.

Of course we watched the first Hobbit movie while eating and I fell in love with Martin Freeman all over again. Even if the movies are a bit disappointing….he’s the perfect Bilbo. And they kept the songs (Except 15 birds, which is a gd shame, that’s a great song). ‘Twas a good day.


Shortly after this we cracked all the plates, ‘cuz we’re mean and that’s what BB hates

2 thoughts on ““It was a hobbit hole, and that means comfort.”

  1. Oh my gosh.. that all looks amazing! I didn’t know there was such thing as Hobbit day, but I want to celebrate next year…

    • It’s definitely fun if you’ve got some nerdy friends willing to celebrate in style! (and by style I of course mean copious amounts of food and potentially hairy feet)

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