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Inktober + Japanese Mythology : Week 1

If you haven’t heard, Inktober is this month. What is Inktober? Well the name kind of gives it away: Ink + October = Inktober = people around the world try to produce an ink drawing every day in October (so much math in this post, what is this).

If you go to the official site of Jake Parker, the creator of Inktober, you will find the prompts for each day. I followed these prompts but also tried to stick to a theme of Japanese mythology, partially to try and get myself psyched up for my story for Nanowrimo.

Here is what I came up with for the first 7 prompts with a brief label and link as to what each creature is.

  1. Fast – A concept idea for my story more than anything, and less mythology.
  2. Noisy – Oni. Didn’t turn out as cool as it looked in my head, but that’s ‘k.
  3. Collect – Kappa. Turned out better than I thought.
  4. Hungry – Tsuchinoko. Inspired by a song by Wednesday Campanella, a band I’ve raved about before.
  5. Sad – Kasa-Obake. Sad because with the sun shining, this umbrella spirit is useless.
  6. Hidden – Tanuki. Hiding under a leaf. He’s so good.
  7. Lost – Story concept.

If you want to stay up to date on my progress, you can follow my instagram here (sometimes interrupted by life photos though, I’m afraid).

I took on too many full page spreads for the first week so I’m a bit behind, even though I have been working every day (#2 took me three days, for instance). I’m trying to work more on my tiny sketchbook to force myself to work smaller. It’s amazing how much time each of these take.

My materials are dipping pens, ink (black, sepia, and gold (though the gold is so old it’s mush and I have to finger paint with it)), a couple pens that I barely use, and water. Tried experimenting with salt, but unfortunately it seems table salt does not work like sea salt. At all. Noted.

Ink is probably my favorite medium though. It’s so severe and unforgiving, but also fun and intense. And I look like a psycho every day because it covers my hands. (Another note: take your contacts out before you ink things.)

Well it’s already 9:00 and I’m still a few prompts away from being fully caught up. I’ll post again once I’m through prompt #14. In the meantime, let me know if you have any feedback on my art, or if you too are Inktober-ing.  じゃね。

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