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Inktober + Japanese Mythology : Week 3

You know the drill by now! Official site. Week 1. Week 2.

This week I continued to learn how bad I am at time management, and that indeed, this paper is not the best.

Each description links to an awesome site about Yokai, and you can read my short, sometimes mildly amusing version on my Instagram page.

Here is this week’s work:

  1. Relax – Oni in an onsen.
  2. Wet – Azuki Arai.
  3. Battle – Story concept, wolf.
  4. Escape – Story concept.
  5. Flight – Amakiri.
  6. Squeeze – Story concept, kitsune.
  7. Big – Daidarabotchi on top of the Umeda Sky Building, a building I love so much I wrote a poem about it and also blogged about it.
  8. Little – Yanari, (little oni – actually like how this one turned out a lot).
  9. Slow – Ikuchi. Forgot to say I used the art on the site as a reference for this one.

Obviously the ink got away from me in quite a few places, most notablyly 6 (ruined her face and ripped a huge hole in her mouth), 7, and 9. For some reason 9 was the most popular one on my Instagram, despite it being both one of my worst drawings and inkings to date. I think people just like ships. (More likely the composition I referenced from is eye-catching, so despite the bad artwork it drew people in).

It’s November 1st and technically Inktober is over and Nanowrimo is in full swing…but I’ve got two more Inktober drawings I’m determined to finish today.

I’ll probably finish the drawings today but stagger the blogs, so if you want a sneak peek, follow my Instagram. Until then, like, comment, follow…whatever your little heart desires.



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