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Inktober + Japanese Mythology Week 4 (Final)

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Hello all, sorry this is late. Some of you probably know it’s been a tense time in the USA…Not going to go into it in this post, though I can’t promise I won’t eventually. It’s been a painful week.

But hey, youkai! Those (two) of you closely following my work, may find it amusing that when I went home, I found my little brother in elementary school singing about youkai. Seems a show called “Yokai Watch” is now a thing in America, and he even said it’s better than Pokemon (blasphemy). Funny how things work sometimes.

Anyways, below is the last week of work I did for Inktober.

As usual, first listed is the day’s prompt, followed by links to learn more about the youkai. Most of the links are to an awesome website devoted to youkai, and one is from a podcast I love called Myth and Legends, with an additional link to a podcast specifically about Japanese folklore.

  1. One dozen – Hyakume (though mine is Jyuunime, as it is 12 eyes instead of 100)
  2. Tired – Uwan (total babe, amirite?)
  3. Box – Urashima Taro. Here is the Myths and Legends link about Urashima Taro, and here is the Japanese podcast link (ep. 4: 03).
  4. Creepy – Ao Andon.
  5. Burn – Drew this referencing a photo I took from the Fire Festival (火祭り) in Kurama.
  6. Surprise – Chouchin Obake.
  7. Wreck – Umi Bozu. This one actually looked even cooler when it was still wet, because the eyes bubbled up. You can see it on my Instagram.
  8. Friend – Story concept. Super fun, finally got the salt to work. Though I tried to erase the pencil lines the next day and the ink in the middle smudged so I just smudged it more and made it an “effect.” Not the best but eh, I still like it overall.

It took me all 33 days of October (shh) but I finished the challenge! My favorites were definitely the ones I was able to take a lot of time on. On this last week, that was really only the very last one, “Friend.”

It’s hard to feel like I improved since I still think the first few were also some of my best (and the reason I fell behind), but if nothing else, it proved I can finish something for goddamn once.

Now knees-deep into November, I am trying to push my way through Nanowrimo, and greatly missing my dipping pens. 17,762 words down – 32,275 remaining. Wish me luck! I’m going to need it.

P.S. Looking for some kind of free program to make a mosaic/collage out of the final collection, so if you know of a good one, please let me know! I could only find ones that would do up to 5 photos, or added weird borders.

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