Oh dear, the gnomes stole my ‘About Me’ section. Now I’ll never know who I am. Oh wait, here’s a picture to remind myself.


Me with Yuuki – a prominent character in my stories. We look less scary than we are, I promise.

If you came to this page to learn more concrete facts about me, here are the basics: I was born in Georgia, moved around a bit as a young ‘un, and mostly grew up in Wisconsin. I have three awesome siblings and a herd of cats. I’ve been to Japan a total of four times, and on the third time I met a handsome archer named Yuuki (see above). We were long distance for quite awhile.

Then I moved to Pennsylvania to work with refugees and immigrants through a year-long program. It was fantastic. But after that year was over, things started to go downhill, and I’m trying to climb up.

I have another blog devoted to tankas, and you can visit it here.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful couple! Thanks for the follow. Looking forward to following you, too. Me and my sweetie made it through 4 years of long distance (Boston to Osaka) and are now really happily married, and I credit the independence the long distance start gave us for at least part of our happiness! Cheers to you and your sweetie.

    • Four years of long distance!! Wow, I hope it doesn’t come to that! It’s already pretty distressing and lonely at two and a half. I’m glad you were able to fight through it though!! Thank you so much for your kind words, and I look forward to reading more posts from you! 🙂

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