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Every now and then there’s an incident with a customer or coworker that unexpectedly affects me, whether in a negative way or a positive way. Tonight, it was in a melancholy way. In the department where I work, we have a gate, separate from the main entrances, that’s kept open until 7 p.m. When it … Continue reading

Miss You, Jasper

Miss You, Jasper

Note: If you’ve recently lost a pet, or even not-so-recently, you may not want to read this post, or skip to the section below the picture. I realize now that it’s been a week since my last post. And I still haven’t done part three about Takeda Jō (Part I, Part II), but kind of … Continue reading



He drank alone. It couldn’t be helped anymore. “This sad sap’s empty,” he muttered as he put his glass down on the table. The ice clinked, and he for a moment remembered a happier time, when the clinking was on champagne glasses, and a gorgeous woman stood next to him. But she was gone. They … Continue reading



Goodbye     The bus eats the miles as it goes; The cities taste of burnt oatmeal and it pauses only momentarily to spit out the specks caught in its teeth.   The life of a speck is short and violent. They sit in silence, waiting for their time to be propelled into the cold … Continue reading