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Podcast for Intermediate Japanese Learners – Ideas Needed!


Still a lot going on in the US, but I’m trying to focus on constructive things. This blog is still a WIP as I struggle to understand exactly what I want to do with it, while knowing that I enjoy having the space. I feel strangely muted lately, with all my thoughts being hard to put down in any sort of articulate way.

That said, Yuuki and I are thinking of doing a podcast together. I’ve been obsessed with podcasts for, oh, about a year now, and I’ve wanted to make my own for a while now. However, it didn’t seem like I had anything to offer.

Thinking about my skills and what would interest other people, I quickly landed on Japanese. I’m by no means the most fluent person ever, but I have worked hard to learn and continue to strive for native-level fluency. Also, being Japanese, Yuuki’s pretty fluent.

When I consider my journey of learning the language, I remembered my frustration that the deeper I went, the fewer the resources available. This is where I feel there is a “gap” or an unfilled niche.

We’re in the planning stages now, with the podcast to go live possibly in May or June.

If you have any input of what you’d like to see in such a podcast, please let me know! Comment with what you feel is missing in other resources, what you think would keep your attention and be entertaining, and what you’d like to see. Or any other input!

For example: Do you want conversation? Lessons? All Japanese, no English? Moar example sentences? Less? Culture stuff?


Likely representative of what our podcast would be like

Sending this out into the universe and we both look forward to hearing back!

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