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New blog, who dis

Hi all,

I’ve decided to start over, as I suggested in my last post. I’m going to leave this blog up. Maybe I’ll return some day. I still have around 40 drafts started here. They’re probably ones that fit this blog more than my new one. But I have no idea when I’ll get to them.

My new blog is going to be more focused on my progress in writing, music (I don’t think I’ve even told this blog, but I’ve started playing the Okinawan sanshin and the ukulele), art, Japanese, and health. Maybe more stuff if I somehow find time for more stuff. I like too much stuff.

I’m also now a professional web developer, so maybe that will crop up now and again.

Since it’s me, it’s likely slice-of-life and opinion pieces may appear despite my best intentions. But my current stage of life is more focused on output than reflection (though reflection is necessary for output…ah! There I go, reflecting again!).

Over my young/old life (debates about this abound) I have taken in a lot more than I’ve produced. The amount I’ve produced over my years on this earth is…little. At least, much smaller than I’d like it to be. As an aspiring writer + all those other things…it’s time I put effort into honing my craft(s), and producing what I can while I’m here. Not doing them makes me feel like I’m dying a little, as overdramatic as that sounds.

I miss blogging though, and I think a lot of the people that surround me find listening to me talk about all my hobbies, a little bit tedious – or at least, they’re interested in the big leaps of progress. But in order to stay moving forward, I’ve got to put in a lot of little increments, and it gets lonely not being able to share them.

So my new blog may be me shouting out to a void – that’s okay. One thing I love about writing is it forces me to realize what I’m thinking, and it also serves as an outlet for stress and worries and even, love.

If you’re still here, I’d love for you to follow me to my new, currently sparse, blog here:

If it’s not for you, that’s fine. Thanks for being with me all this time, and maybe some day I’ll return.

For now, time to hit play on a new chapter.


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